Endoscopic Lens Alignment Project

ME 424/426 Senior Design Project

Spring 1997

Optical Alignment Team

The Sponsor: Stryker Endoscopy, based in Santa Clara, CA.

Problem Statement: Design a fixture that allows adults with average motor skills to align and epoxy an objective lens, prism, and negative lens through precision movements. The assembly time should be less than one set of lenses per hour. The lenses must not be scratched during handling.

Specifications:  Assembly time of 40 minutes, translation repeatability of 0.001 in, rotational repeatability of 0.5 degrees, and a training time of two hours for an individual with experience aligning lenses.

Above is a picture of (from left to right) the prism, negative lens, and objective lens compared to the size of a dime, and a fully assembled and cured set of lenses next to a pen.

Click here to see the evolution of our prototype.

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