Pull-Up Machine Design

Problem Statement: Modify the existing pull up machine so that Ed Odom can do a pull-up.

(For a complete problem statement and pictures of the old machine, click here.)


Our Pull-up Machine is complete!  We feel it is a big improvement on the old design. It is safer, smaller and weighs less.  The adjustments are also a lot easier to use.

Here are some pictures of our working model.  To see the real thing, come to the Design Exposition in the Engineering/Physics Building at the University of Idaho on May 2nd and 3rd.

One of the main goals of our design was to use the human strength curve to better assist the pull-up.  We ran some tests to find this curve. The results of this test are found here.

Our machine attempts to balance that curve by using linkages to make a pull-up easier the closer the bar gets to your shoulders.  Using CHICO solver, we solved for the appropriate mechanism.  We verified our data using Working Model, a newer, Windows-based program that uses graphics rather than text.  The results of those programs are found here.

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