Problem Statement

We are to modify the existing pull-up machine.  This can mean either changing the current design to meet the new requirements, or coming up with a new design.  One requirement is that it is supposed to be safe.  This means during operation and setup, all members should stay locked or move slowly by damping.  It should also be a third less deep and be able to fit under the lights in the lab.  It should weigh less, make less noise, and be attractive.  It should also contain the necessary instrumentation to be used in an ME 262 lab.  It needs to have a fine adjustment in the upper range of percent weight, and needs to lock at 100%.  It should accommodate people of different heights, ranging from grade school children to full-grown adults.  It needs to look like a piece of lab equipment, not a piece of gym equipment.  Our budget for the whole project is $500, not including the cost of instrumentation.


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