Heat Exchanger Application Team
Members: Ben Orr, Steve Gorman, Corey Jacobsen
Sponsor:   NewBio, Inc.
 Problem Statement
To design and test a working thermal energy recovery system, a heat exchanger, to be used with the NewBio Slurry Reactor. The system must keep the reactor temperature within 100 deg. F, +/- 5 deg. F, at all times. The system must also be cost effective, non-fouling, and automated such that routine maintenance can be performed by one person at regular intervals. In addition, the temperature of all fluids exiting the system must be within municipal standards.

The dimensions of the heat exchanger must allow it to fit on a 10 ft. square trailer space or if placed vertically must be less than 18 ft tall. The heat exchanger must accept a constant flow of waste water at 17 gpm. The heat exchanger must raise the incoming temperature from 60 deg F to 80 deg F. The heat exchanger must accept a pressurized water source to clean fouled surfaces.  The heat exchanger must be composed of CPVC of PVC materials completely.  Non plastics may only be used for surfaces that do not contact the liquid in the system.

Ben Orr 
Steve Gorman 
Corey Jacobsen 
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