The Fountain of Knowledge

A 1/3 scale model of the proposed "Fountain of Knowledge."

This 1/3 scale model shows what the full-size model will look like. The real fountain will be cast from bronze and will have water flowing down over the lines of text. The water flowing over the pages will ripple and create a shimmering effect. The patterns of water created by the flow down the surface of the book will symbolize the fluid nature of knowledge; changing and rippling as the cycle of discovery brings us a greater understanding of the world around us and of ourselves.

See where the fountain will be located if the project is approved by the University of Idaho

Byron Clercx, an artist and assistant professor at the University of Idaho, in cooperation with Rondel of Water, a group of college seniors in the University of Idaho's mechanical engineering program, designed and built the 1/3 scale model of the Fountain of Knowledge.  Byron's original concept was for a large bronze casting of a book with a staircase type surface that would represent the lines of text on the page.  The members of Rondel of Water built a "flow test model" to try out different surfaces and see what factors were important in creating the water effect Byron wanted.

See how the 1/3 scale model was built:

Rondel of Water is:

John Atkinson
Aaron Callao
Matt Unwin

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