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UI ME 1997-1998 Senior Capstone Design 
Team Zero-G
Electrostatic Levitator
Project Photos

 The Levitator's Main Components Are:
1.  The Photodetector Assembly
2.  The Electrode Stand
3.  The Light Source Assembly
4.  1 High Voltage and 4 Lower Voltage Power Supplies
5.  An IBM Compatible Computer Running LabView and Equipped With a D/A Card

1.  Photodetector Assembly
The Photodector Assembly Consists of:
a.  A UDT-020D Photodiode
b.  A Plano-Convex Lens
c.  A Linear Gradient Filter

2.  Electrode Stand
The Electrode Stand Consists of:
a.  A High-Voltage Connection
b.  2 Aluminum Electrodes
c.  2 Borosilicate Windows

3.  Light Source Assembly
The Light Source Assembly Consists of :
a.  An Iris Diaphragm
b.  A Plano-Convex Lens
c.  A 1.5V Mag-lite Bulb

4.  Laboratory Setup