The machine had only a rudimentary wiring setup.  There were no electrical safeties installed to protect the operator nor were the motors or the frame properly grounded.  Additionally, the wire used was too small a gauge for the current applied.  Also, the limit switches were not rated for the horsepower of the motors.
We rewired the machine using correct guage wire.  We grounded the frame and both of the motors.  To alleviate the current load on the switches, we installed two relays to handle the majority of the current.  The master power relay is switched off if the emergency switches, the master power, or the cover switch is opened.  This cuts power to the entire machine except for the vacuum table solenoid valves.  We also installed a 24 V transformer and a bridge rectifier to power the solenoid valves and the counter.  Click on the panel at left to see the new wiring schematic.