Problem Statement:
    Our customer needs an easily usable and maintainable, precise, and safe bow sanding machine that will increase precision and reduce the time spent in sanding strips of wood for traditional bow making.

SAFE:  safety guards so that loose clothing and body parts will not get caught in the moving parts and another guard to prevent the wood strips from flying across the room if the suction is lost. 
PRECISE:  .000 to .003 in./in. taper with .0005 in./in. tolerance; side to side tolerance of .0005 in.; overall thickness tolerance of .010 in. 
USER FRIENDLY: easily used by anyone with little mechanical background; a table height of 40 inches; a device that aligns the bow strips on the table.
LOW MAINTENANCE: be able to change sandpaper in less than 5 minutes and be able to service the machine in less than 20 minutes. 
FAST: be able to sand a minimum of 10-15 strips per hour. 
INSTRUMENTATION: digital readouts that display thickness, cycles and taper of sander at any given place on the sanding surface. 
HEAD SPEED: variable head speeds to accommodate to different types of woods