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Nathan House

Rob Lustig

Brian Scott

Brake Performance Testing at UI

Simu-Stop had been given the challenge by Brake Guard Inc., of Spokane, Washington, to design and build a machine intended to test and quantify the braking performance of their product.  Brake Guard's product is an inline hydraulic accumulator installed into the vehicle's brake line.  In short, their device works by absorbing pressure spikes present in the brake line during braking, thus yielding a smoother and more controllable braking event.

Simu-Stop's machine spins a tire and wheel assembly up to a speed of approximately 30 MPH (345 RPM) at which time a braking sequence is initiated.  Braking involves applying pressure to the brake line through a standard master cylinder and adjustable hand lever assembly.  The brake line pressure may be monitored visually through the use of a pressure gauge and electronically through a pressure transducer, both built into the brake line.  With the use of mechanical and electrical pressure measurements, the operator is able to obtain real time readouts of pressure levels in the brake line.  This enables the tester to quantify and describe how the braking system responds with and without the Brake Guard device installed.