University of Idaho Senior Capstone Design Project
Project Objective:
    Design a new pivot support system for the latch handle or a new latch mechanism for the Small Transfer Lock (STL) which is compatible with the existing hardware as well as meet the current geometric transfer specifications.  This new design is to replace or replace the existing design which is currently failing due to extended use.  Explicit design specifications are laid out in the performance requirements of ANL Document No. W0338-0003-ES-03. Furthermore, the design must allow for remote installations, maintenance and repair using master-slave or electro-mechanical manipulators. With an average use of 500 cycles/year, the design must last around 40 years to be more robust than the current design and withstand abusive handling from the master-slave manipulators as well as seismic loading from earthquakes and internal pressure. The design must provide the same interlocking protection between the two cells as well as seal protection from leakage.  Additionally, with increasing amounts of radiation added to the argon cell, the design must withstand radiation fields.

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