Team K Per Week

Team K Per Week

Left to Right: Tom Monter, Shawn Kimbley, Jacob Wages

The original motive for this project was to improve processor and heatsink placement speed and accuracy for the board pictured above. The original process was entirely by hand with no fixtures or automation which meant that the failure rates were quite high, especially in the adhesive application stage. You can view the original hand assembly process here.

Problem Statement

Client Statement:

Design a process, assembly, or fixture which will streamline the placement of a processor and heat sink assembly onto a motherboard with a pre-installed processor socket. This design should have sufficient thermal conductivity to keep the processor cool while securing the heat sink so that the motherboard can be mounted in any orientation. This design must also incorporate mounting the processor with some type of thermal conductive compound and test the fan on the heat sink both before and after the mounting process. This design should simplify the current mounting process, be less expensive, be simple to use and should require minimal training.

Final Assembly
Machining Pictures
Prototype Progression
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