New Assembly Process

Assembly fixture used for speeding the PCB and heat hink assembly process.

This seats the heat sink , cpu and tests the operation of the fan. The compound is also applied while on this fixture.

Enclosue that houses the vacuum and fan tester. Sits behind the assembly fixture and plugs into it from behind.

PCB parts required for assembly:

1 - PCB from assembly ready for processor

2 - CPU

3 - Fan and heat sink unit

4 - Bracket

5 - 2 Screws to hold down bracket

Plug in fan tester and vacuum lines. Make sure they are secure before proceeding.

Seat processor into socket and clip socket closed. Make sure processor is secure and fully seated before proceeding.

Apply counpount using automated compound dispenser, make sure to only press the pedal once per PCB assembly.

Make sure the compound is in the general center of the CPU.

Plug in fan with red wire to bottom, note whether you see a red light or green light on the fixture.

If a red light is displayed, discard fan and start this step over with a new fan.

If a green light is displayed proceed to next step.

Apply accelerator to the heat sink. Use sparingly and only coat the center of the heat sink in about the size of a quarter.


Snap bracket and heat sink into lid and activate vacuum. Make sure to keep vacuum on until lid is lowered into place.

Make sure fan wire is in the groove in the lid before lowering the lid into place.

Make sure bracket is squarely seated in the pocket.

Insert screws into holes. Make sure they drop into the slot in the PCB, if not you may have to reach under the lid and align them properly.
Tighten screws down with nutrunner in 4 steps. Tighen one screw and then the other, then check each screw for tightness. Driver will make a clicking sound when the proper torque is reached

Plug in fan again and test. If a red light is returned make sure something is not jamming the fan. If a red light is still returned quickly remove the fan from the PCB before the adhesive compound dries and start from step one.

Same tesing procedure as first fan test. Make sure red wire is at the bottom.

Plug in fan into PCB and remove board from fixture. Insert a new board into the fiture and start from step one.
Pro-Engineer drawing of the fixture and enclosure setup.