Jabil's Goal for this project was figuring out a new process, method or device for mounting heat sinks onto processors with a lower failure rate much lower than they currently had. Jabil was getting high failure rates using a hand assembly process and they wanted a way to improve upon this drastically so that they could approach their goal of five or less failures per million. Most of the failures occurred in the thermal compound application stage. The fixture or process they wanted had to require minimal training, be ergonomic enough as to prevent user error and be simple enough so that maintenance wasn't an issue. The biggest factors in this project were driven by economic, safety and manufacturability concerns. If you would like to view the original hand assembly process you can do so here.

The client statement for this project was developed by compiling lists of several factors including objectives and functions, failure modes, constraints and target performance. The table below shows some of the lists we used to help us generate our client statement and better understand the problem involved.