Project Details

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Project Details
Process Flow
Design Approach
Lean Manufacturing

Project Objectives:  

  • Focus on 1 part flow
    • The Boeing  company is committed to the idea of one part flow and Lean Manufacturing.
      • Fewer mistakes
      • More cost effective
      • More productive
    • The current system uses carts that hold 4 mandrels per cart.  Our proposed system will employ smaller carts that will hold 1 mandrel each.
      • This will allow the curing process to begin directly after each duct has been fabricated.
      • Smaller carts will be easier for employees to handle, and will be much safer.
  • Decrease mandrel handling time
  • Eliminate the need for large overhead cranes
    • Cranes are slow, cumbersome, and dangerous.
    • Nylon straps are currently used to lift the mandrels.  This practice poses numerous safety hazards.
    • Operating overhead cranes safely requires two people.
  • Increase the safety of handling mandrels

Project Constraints:

  • The transport unit must withstand temperatures of 300F, which is the curing temperature of the composite materials.
  • Ten transport units must fit in the curing oven at one time.
  • The system must handle all sizes of mandrels.
    • 3" to 14" diameter
    • 13' to 14' long
    • Up to 1000 pounds
  • System should incorporate all stages of duct production.
    • Transporting
    • Taping
    • Curing
    • Duct Extraction (removing cured duct from the mandrel)

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