Vandals Racing
University of Idaho - Formula SAE


The University of Idaho has been participating in the SAE Collegiate Design Series for the last two years. This is an engineering project in which students design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style race cars. For the last two years UI's formula car has been a group project activity. This year, because of reasons including growing class size, the car was done as a Senior Design Project. Eight seniors and three undergraduates formed a team to participate in this high octane project.

Design of the car began in September at the beginning of the school year. At the same time a vigorous schedule was set by students and faculty in order to reach the goals set forth. With a team size nearly half that of many other teams, these students found out what busy really is.


This year the team set out to exceedingly out-do the previous years. Learning, team formation, and execution of the engineering process were the primary goals. Testing and modeling began as soon as the members were announced. Other major goals were to have the new car done in February so that extensive testing and modification could be done in the spring semester. The ultimate goal was to place well in the final competitions and secure this project for the future of the University of Idaho. With a lot of hard work and determination, the team did very well and laid down a strong foundation for the teams ahead of them.

Vandals Racing 2003