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The intent of this page is to convey to you, the reader, the value of capstone design to us, the design team,  in terms of personal and professional growth.

Capstone design is a directed but very open-ended course.  The JoggleZ design team has compiled the following list of knowledge gained and beneficial actions taken during the course of our Capstone design sequence.  We hope you benefit from our experience.


  1. Good documentation is an invaluable reference throughout the design process

  2. Review notebook and documentation regularly.  This will help you advance to a higher level of design through the recognition of key elements in both the design and your designing techniques.

  3. With your group, assess individual team member strengths and mentor strengths:  drafting, machining, welding, math modeling, software applications,  etc.  As a team determine ways to use these skills to your advantage.

  4. Develop a conflict resolution plan and USE IT.

  5. Fabrication takes longer than you think.  A rule of thumb, estimate your fabrication time then multiply by pi (π).

  6. Make a detailed fabrication plan that goes beyond your drawings, e.g.: who does what, when, where, and how.

  7. Measure twice, cut once.

  8. Communication is the key to solving problems.  Communicate frequently with your teammates.

  9. Do not hesitate during any phase of the project.  Iteration and familiarity with the project will produce better results.

  10. The results you want are not likely to be the results you get.  Carefully analyze the facts and data with an open mind. 



  1. Frequent and scheduled communication with our client.

  2. Posted drawings, pictures, design updates, and discussion items on the website for reference purposes during teleconferences with our client.

  3. Early start on solid modeling allowed our machining drawings to get through the review process quickly.

  4. Started machining at the onset of the spring semester.

  5. Prototype testing to address our clients concerns on the ability of the dovetails to slide when heated.