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Avcorp’s stringer joggling station is subject to the following problems:

  1. Time consuming die set-up

  2. Excessive waste

  3. Iterative pressing

  4. Ties up a press required for other manufacturing operations


The new joggling station…


  1. perform all joggles required for 604 series stringers

  2. decrease die set-up time for all 604 series joggles

  3. minimize operator influence on die set-up time and joggle dimensions

  4. fit in the Lean Stringer Manufacturing Cell

  5. allow stringers to be joggled hot, 300°F

  6. produce a minimum of 99% useable stringers

  7. NOT use the 135-ton Cincinnati brake press


  1. make press operation and die set-up simple and user friendly.  Meaning the press and die(s) have the following attributes:
    a.    A first time operator should be able to read the posted information,     follow the directions, and produce a usable stringer on the first operation.
    b.   Dependant die settings should be easily identified preventing the manufacture of a faulty part.
    c.   Operation does not cause repetitive use injury.

  2. allow faulty parts to easily be identified upon visual inspection

  3. control and verify joggle dimensions

  4. use a single press stroke, eliminating the need to “re-hit” for required joggle depth


  1. favor batch production

  2. have removable die components