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Adjustable Joggle Die Set - Solid Model


Adjustable Joggle Die Set - Finished Product


The Adjustable Joggling Die Set satisfies and exceeds the design requirements:

  1. Joggle die adjustment requires two indexed movements, which reduces set-up time and required operator training.

  2. Digital displacement referencing allows joggle dimensions to be repeated with ± 0.010 inch tolerance and 99% accuracy.

  3. Compact design allows for mounting on Avcorp’s 30-ton punch press, which fits in the Lean Stringer Manufacturing Cell.

  4. Range of motion meets and exceeds all 604 series stinger specifications allowing for use with additional stinger series.

  5. The die set accommodates the heating elements used by Avcorp for hot joggling.

  6. Joggle die adjustment is quick and repeatable, eliminating the need for batch production.


Operation of the Adjustable Joggle Die Set

The joggle transition length is adjusted by turning the hand wheel [1] causing translation of the striker block [2].

The joggle transition length is measured with the horizontal digital indicator [3]

The stringer is inserted into the bottom portion of the die set and prevented from twisting by the horizontal support blocks [4 & 5].  The stringer is held in place vertically by the rubber press blocks [6]. 

The joggle depth is adjusted by turning the hand wheel [7] causing translation of the sliding wedge [8] raising or lowering the assembly associated with block 5.

The joggle depth is measured by the digital indicator [9] and is directly referencing the height difference between blocks 4 and 5, [see 10].