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Expansion Chamber Design

Virtual 2-Stroke Engine Simulation

Multiple dual exhaust pipes were simulated using Virtual 2-Stroke Software to find the optimal single

and dual pipe dimensions for power operating band.



Dyno Testing : Validating our model

The plot of our first iteration pipe vs. rpm illustrates our successful shift of the power

 band to a more useful region in the acceleration event performance.                                                                           

red -stock pipe

green - dual prototype

blue - single prototype


Initial Prototyping to Final Products


From basic governing equations to quick mockups...to Polaris Cat dual pipes.............. and to Arctic Cat dual pipes......

we are figuring this out. Below is our final chassis-fit dual pipes for the Arctic Cat DI engine.  The design is based upon

Virtual Two-Stroke engine simulation and is awaiting to be run on the completed engine.

Catalyst Design

Silencer Design

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