SolidWorks Models

Models were created using SolidWorks software accurate to +/- .005"

Models are created prior to fabrication to: minimize volume, reduce weight, visualize assembly procedure, and verify design integration.


  Clutch Components                        Transfer Case Components                   Transfer Case Assembled


Oil Seal                      Clutch Ball Ramp        Press Fit Bearing Spacer    Clutch Cam Housing            Clutch Adapter


Clutch Pack                     Clutch Magnet                  Clutch Cap                        Ball Bearing                        Dowel Pin   


  Halofax Sensor                    Lower Shaft                Lower Tone Wheel            Upper Tone Wheel              Ball Bearing


Angular Contact Bearing          Precision Spacer          Oil Impregnated Bushing      Precision Spacer         Oil Impregnated Bushing


Ball Bearing                     Shaft Collar              Oil Impregnated Bushing      Upper Shaft Yoke               Splined Insert


 Chain & Sprockets            Lower Shaft Yoke                   Casting                           Motor Plate             AC Induction Machine