No-Smoke Two-Stroke


Design Specifications

Text Box: Pre-Mod Specifications:
Engine displacement: 600 cc
Trapped Compression Ratio: 6.55:1
Injectors: Stock
Power Supply: Stock 12V stator
ECU: Stock
Fuel Pump: Stock
Fuel Filter: Stock
Spark Plugs: NGK BR9EYA
Text Box: Post-Mod Specifications:
Engine displacement: 600 cc
Compression Ratio: 7.1:1
Injectors: FICHT 
Power Supply: 45 V externally regulated alternator and 12V stator
ECU: MoTec M4
Fuel Pump: Accel in-line, 100 psi
Regulator: Aeromotive
Fuel Filter: Two, Aeromotive 10 micron and 100 micron
Spark Plugs: Autolite 3923


Modified Artic Cat 600 on engine test stand