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Clean Snowmobile Competition Background                                         

In recent years the operation of snowmobiles in National Parks such as Yellowstone has fallen victim to heated debates.  Typical snowmobiles utilize two-stroke engines due to the benefit of their light weight yet high specific power output, however, these engines are at the root of the conflict.    Due to their construction and operation they tend to emit high levels of un-burnt hydrocarbons (UHC) and high frequency noise compared to a similar sized four-stroke engine. 


Project Outcomes

Design, model, manufacture, and test a system that will minimize the emissions and noise of the University of Idaho Arctic Cat 600 cc two-stroke direct fuel injection (DFI) system following the spirit of the 2004 Clean Snowmobile Competition (CSC).





PRO XR Chassis

SNP Performance Resonators

left to right - Nathan Beach, Scott Wemhoff, Patrick Hess