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"Buff" is the name for our Hydraulic Truck

The previous platform contained a large reservoir and piston type accumulators.

The Back view of "Buff"

For controls, we are using National Instruments fieldpoint and labview. This allows us to quickly control and change the programing of the HLA.

A picture of the empty shop.

Buff in the shop

Buff in the shop

1998 Lincoln Navigator donated by Ford after their research on Hydraulic Hybrids.

Eric, Joel and Michael A. setting up for tests

Spectators are ready to watch testing from a safe distance.

Joel and Michael S setting up the computer to control the system and record data

Michael S trying to figure something out.

Michael S at the controls of the HLA

Joel and Eric being protected in case a hose breaks

Bladder accumulators taken off the Ford donated Lincoln Navigator. One is a high pressure (5000psi) and the other is a low pressure (500)accumulator.

These accumulators are going to be used on our new F350 platform

Ifield Hydrostat. This was taken off the Lincoln Navigator donated from Ford.

This is a 9.15 in^3/rev displacement hydrostat which is almost double what the previous hydrostat was (4.6 in^3/rev)

Start of the redesign. We are tearing everything down to the frame so we can start placing new things on it

A picture of the current system with the old hyrostat and mounts with a gas tank next to it.

Rear of the truck completely cleared out to start new design

It was decided to reuse the previous hydrostat but reconstruct the mounts to improve vibration.

A closer look at the hydrostat mounts.

A picture showing how they were created using a CNC Mill

Russ working in the shop to build mounts for the hydrostat.

Mike is working on connecting the driveline to the hydrostat

The new Control box is going to be placed in the rear of the truck and will contain compact fieldpoint to control the system.

Michael S is working on wiring the Control box.

The control box is all wired and ready to be tested.

A computer and screen is installed in the cab so that the system can be monitored for efficiency.

Putting the system together.

Different from the previous platform, we are using electric motors to pump fluid in the system for charging, case drain and filter loop.

The system is being plumbed

Eric and Joel are involved with plumbing the system.

Joel and Seneca are excitedly looking the system over.

The hydraulic system a few days before jackstand testing.

The bed of the truck is being reconstructed to be a lift bed and will cover the hydraulic system

Top View of New System

Team Picture in front of Lifted Bed

Side View of Lifted Bed

Truck Bed lifted showing Hydraulic Components

Rear Look at truck bed lifted




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