Project News
11 May 2005
Final trip to Bechtel to deliver the final product.
29. April 2005
Engineering Expo at the SUB.
20. April 2005
Completed assembly of all parts and all parts polished.
14. April 2005
Machining on all parts completed.
30. March 2005
First complete assembly of the Test Stand.

Special Thank's to Staubli for the donated fluid couplings.


1. End Effector – The device that will allow the Power Manipulator to unplug and plug the "Staubli" Fluid Couplings in the hot cell environment.

2. Parkstand – The device that will hold the end effector when it is not being used in the hot cell environment.

3. Test Stand - The apparatus will test the end effector, the parkstand, and system integration with existing parts.

Lessons Learned

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End Effect