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 Drop Test Stand

Drop test procedure will include numerical quantification and experimental results from an energy analysis of the first law of thermodynamics, and a mass damper mechanical model.  The results from all data analysis will demonstrate the ability of the air spring testing method, developed by our team, to numerically quantify the amount of work done by the air spring on a falling weight.

 When the drop test method proposed has shown the overall stability of the math models for this system a second testing fixture will be designed and implemented to demonstrate the air spring’s ability to determine work from an internal cold gas discharge.


This test stand is used to validate work measurements using a firestone 116-1 air spring



 Cold Gas Test Stand

The cold gas test stand will provide experimental data through an internal pressure differential and linear displacement. The results will then be implemented into similar energy models as in the drop test.  These energy models will quantify the work done by the gas to the system. With these results we can form our experimentally tuned hypothesis of how to test these same properties of inflators produced by TAKATA.