Capacitive Electric Load Leveling Systems


Project Objectives

  • Start internal combustion engine using ultracapacitors

  • Reduce vehicle weight

  • Regulate battery discharge current

  • Demonstrate working prototype in Ford Explorer

End of Project Results

  • System development cost < $500

  • Stock battery current reduced to < 35A

  • Recharge time between starts 6 sec

  • Total system weight 10 pounds


  • Mobile internal combustion engine starting

  • Scalable to all engine sizes

  • Aircraft, boats

  • Stand-by generators

As compared to batteries, ultracapacitor cells deliver up to ten times the power, last up to ten times as long, operate more reliably in high- and low-temperature conditions, require far less maintenance and reduce environmental issues associated with battery disposal*.
  The CELLS team has designed a system using ultracapacitors to start an internal combustion engine in place of a stock lead-acid battery.

CELLS team members: Benton O'Neil, Erin Jessup, Fred Jessup

Our sponsor, the National Institute of Advanced Transportation Technology

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