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Completed Tasks:

  • Rectify AC input
  • Bias DC regulator to 3 volts
  • Programmed MSP430 to work control temperature sensor
  • Optimize finished components of sensor node for low power
  • Develop Windows interface
  • Implement wireless communication
Tasks to Complete:
  • Optimize piezo cantilever for energy scavenging at 60Hz
  • Incorporate TI TPS72501 LDO regulator and MAX6433 comparator
  • Set RF transceivers to low power mode and attach antennae


May 08, 2005:

We finished up the network. Our sensor nodes are capable of communicating with the supervisor node. Each sensor node checks in with the status of the temperature sensor every 15 minutes. Each sensor node is on its own PCB. The supervisor node's software was developed for Microsoft Windows. It keeps a list of each sensor's time they checked in and their status.


Sensor Node on a PCB

Supervisor Node's Software


March 30, 2005:

There are two pictures below showing current parts of the project: (1) The one on the top shows the supervisor node transceiver with a serial port, which is still under development. (2) The picture on the bottom shows our vibration generator in the works. It is an old 6x9 car speaker with the cone removed. We attached a subwoofer amp to it and run a 60Hz signal through it. The 60Hz vibrations simulate the expected vibrations on a barge.