AutomatedVisual System for Inspecting Ammunition


Problem Statement

ATK needs an automated visual inspection system for their Speer brand Gold Dot ammunition. Law enforcement officers use this product line extensively, and due to the widespread use of automatic weapons it is crucial that every cartridge functions properly. The inspection of the product is currently done through a human visual inspection. Existing automated inspection systems for ammunition use cameras and sometimes lasers to inspect the cartridges.



Team Shot in the Dark will design an automated inspection system and will have it completed, tested, and functioning by May of 2005. Through this project Shot in the Dark team members are afforded the opportunity to work closely with an industry professional with expertise in visual inspection systems, allowing us to gain considerable knowledge in high-speed product transfer and integrate computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering technology into a coherent, functional design.


Overview of the final design

The solution created by Shot in the Dark consists of an indexing wheel on top of the table to present the cartridges o the camera. The DVT camera will then inspect the cartridges for any defects and give a pass or fail signal. The cartridges will continue and drop through the surface of the table and a rejection mechanism will divert the cartridges that fail. For further details on the completed design please refer to the Final Design page.


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