Design of an Automated System to Inspect and Reject Print Labels

Customer: Unicep Packaging INC.

Project Duration: June '04 - December '04

Project Background
Unicep Link - Project Client
Existing System
Problem Definition & Design Criteria

Final Design
Vision System
Rejection System
Power Distribution Box
System Lighting/Lighting Shroud
Part Counter
Test Results

The Vial Bandits - Team Info
Russ Nishikawa
Aaron Bennett
Tyler Kee
Lessons Learned

We are the Vial Bandits...

Left to Right: Russ Nishikawa, Aaron Bennett, Tyler Kee

We have been sponsored by Unicep Packaging Inc through the University of Idaho to devise an automated inspection system for their ink-jet printing line. This system will visually inspect the label on each vial printed to determine if the product has been printed correctly. If the tolerances for an acceptable part are exceeded, then the rejected unit dose vial is removed from the line and collected in a reject bin.