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Senior Design Project 2005


Advanced Microwave Ferrite Research

Microelectronics Research and Communications Institute



6 Dec 2005.   Present final deliverables.

28 Nov 2005.  Fabrication Complete.

13 Oct 2005.   Anechoic chamber complete.

30 Sept 2005.  Drawing package complete Fabrication begins.

14 Sept 2005. Chamber construction begins. Build laser alignment test stand.

25 Aug 2005.  Client approves design.

1 Aug 2005.  Prepare for end of semester. Mid-term report.

20 Jul 2005.   Present design to client.

5 Jul 2005.   Complete all solid models. 

27 Jun 2005.  Have sketches for design.  Start to solid model

20 Jun 2005.  First interview with Client.  Start Web design.

15 Jun 2005.  Receive project. Assign team members.



 Two test fixtures are needed for the anechoic chamber. By having three-degrees of freedom (i.e., roll, azimuth, and polarization) an antenna pattern can be generated associated with any polarization or polarization plane. However, to make a precise measurement, it is  imperative that the UUT and the feed antenna be bore-sight aligned and be true relative to plumb and the horizontal plane.






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