Improved Control System for Compact's Infrared Paper Dryers at Potlatch

Distributed Megawatts is the second team working on this project for Potlatch. We are continuing the design of an updated control scheme for the Compact infrared paper dryers installed in Potlatch's Lewiston Plant. The goal is to improve the power quality of the system. Our team is continuing the power computer redesign, including stepping up the newly developed algorithm to fit in the existing plant setup.   The diagram below represents the current system at Potlatch. The part of the project we are focusing on is replacing the power computer. This involves taking out the CPU card and 4 Digital Trigger Cards and replacing them all with one new Printed Circuit Board (PCB) we have designed. We are making use of one PIC microprocessor for communications with the rest of the system and and 6 PIC's to fire the lamps.

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Our final printed circuit board. It is enclosed in a simple computer case and programmed with much code, but this is the main part to be shown.
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