2006/07 NASA Robotic Lunar Soil Manipulator



 Some of the Lunartics displaying a poster during the
ISGC Research Symposium in October


2007 NASA Lunartics L-07


NASA Ames K10 Rover  


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From - 5/10/07 12:20 PM

Hey Matt, sounds like you are doing great stuff!  I'm proud of all your accomplishments!

From - 5/10/07 9:49 AM

The "Lunartics" Team Rocks!!!

From Jason [] - 3/2/07 1:25 PM

Instructions for accessing product order sheets on the isgc website: go to, scroll over the higher education tab at the top and select Idaho Rlep from the drop down menu, then at the bottom of that page there is a link to the order request form.

From Jason [] - 1/26/07 3:26 PM

Team- I will not be able to make monday's meeting, I will be back in town tuesday night.  I will send you some pics of what I have been working on.







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