Team Shear Performance!

Richard Fries

            As a child growing up in Bonners Ferry, ID, a couple of my favorite things to do was build forts (snow, tree, and underground), as well as booby-trap my house while my parents were out of town.  Although generally safe, the traps I developed worked on systems of pulley, counterbalances, and trip wires. 

            Progressing scholastically, I became fond and efficient at mathematics.  When it came time to decide what I would study in college, I simply combined my talents and hobbies to settle on mechanical engineering.

            While attending college, I decided to keep myself well rounded.  To do this I spent three years working as a resident firefighter/EMT and five years working wildland fire for the Forest Service as well as limited my credit load to a moderate amount thereby allowing for socializing/drinking. 

            Presently, I will be graduating in May of 2007, and I am looking for a career as a project manager.  I am hoping to move somewhere warm and dry, but I may not have a choice and just have to go wherever my job takes me.

Chris Johnson

Major: Mechanical Engineer (Candidate for B.S. in May 2007)

Activities: Skiing, Sailing, Soccer, Hiking, Fishing, Running

Goals/Interests: I am very interested in the power (energy) side of engineering. I am aware that the growing population will result in a growing need for power. One solution to this is to build power plants, etc. to keep up with the growing demand. The parallel solution is to make our energy consumption devices more efficient. I would enjoy working in either one of these fields (as broad as they are).

I enjoy engineering because it allows me to spend time figuring out how things work and how they could be made to work better. I decided to study engineering because I didn’t want to sit back and trust that someone else would solve all of the world’s problems.

I would like to stay in the northwest if possible.

Work Experience: Engineering Internship at Unicep Packaging, Handyman, Cook/Busser.

Alberto Castro
Goals and Interest:  I am planning on graduation May of 2007 and
continuing to graduate school thereafter.  I choose the discipline of
Mechanical Engineering for my own ambitions.  I would like to one day
settle down and have my own shop.  Racing is an interest which I have
not had the pleasure of pursuing yet.  I enjoy driving and have had
the pleasure of mischievous driving in safe settings though.  Racing
is one reason I pursued mechanical engineering.  I wanted to gain
knowledge of all the engineering details behind automobiles.  To my
satisfaction I have gained knowledge that is applicable to many other
machines and structures.

Justen Bock

Justen Bock was born and raised in Spokane Washington.  He attended Shadle Park High school drove a 1986 Blue and white Bronco.  He participated in track and basketball while Maintaining the highest GPA and eventually attained the title Valedictorian in the year 2000.  He later attended Spokane Falls Community College where He got his A.A degree worked as a math tutor.  His final calling was realized here and then decided to Peruse a career in as a Mechanical Engineer and would attend the University Of Idaho. This lead him to such jobs as a operator and an Engineering inter at Goodrich Aircraft Wheels and Brakes.  He now is embarking on his fourth year at the school and drives 1995 white bronco.  Justen Is currently looking for employment in the northwest and very interested in purchasing a house where he can peruse projects that were otherwise logistically impossible.  Great things are to become of Justen in the next few years.  He’s one of those people you should keep an  eye on.