I3: Growing interest in a growing world The Millennium Challenge Corporation, CATIE, and the University of Idaho have teamed up to bring aid to those living in El Salvador through superior irrigation practices and management. The project will target 10 irrigations systems, 5 existing and 5 new, in the Metapan and La Palma areas of El Salvador. A focus will also be placed on water management and efficient water infrastructure. Team I3 will assist in the development of new irrigation practices and designs, with future students implementing this knowledge.

Through the continuing efforts of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, CATIE, and University of Idaho, effective irrigation management and implementation will be realized for the people of El Salvador.

More About MCC

Areas of Interest to the Millennium Challenge Corporation include:

  • Education
  • Public Services
  • Agricultural Production
  • Rural Business Development
  • Transportation Infrastructure

Total five-year project cost: $461 million

I3 would like to formally thank the following:

  • Jan Boll, Erin Brooks, and Tom Hess for their continued project support
  • Brad Beckman for his photography and videography of the Spring Break trip.
  • Engineering at the University of Idaho
  • CATIE El Salvador
  • MCC and Fomileneo
  • Culligan
  • Friends and Family

If you have any questions please visit the contact page to get in touch with I3.

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