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Small Scale Sustainable Power

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Taylor Ranch
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Taylor Wilderness Research Station is located in the middle of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. The station is designed for environmental study and observation.  There are no roads, power lines, or pipes running to the facility from outside locations.  It is completely isolated from civilization.  New expansions for research station have been built on the site increasing the power demands.  Our group, Small Scale Sustainable Power, is currently developing ideas to create renewable energy for the staff at Taylor Wilderness Research Station.  

The Taylor Wilderness Research Station power system expansion consists of five focal areas: hydroelectric generation, solar generation, battery storage, backup generation, and data acquisition (DAQ).  Our expansion plans include replacing the current alternator based DC hydro generator with a more efficient permanent magnet model. In addition, a 4 kW peak output solar array with 71 kWh worth of battery storage and support infrastructure, including a 30 kW liquid propane backup generator, will help us reach our estimated daily load requirement of 150 kWh.  To monitor all subsystems for the purposes of maintenance and research, an overarching DAQ system will record current, voltage, and complex power flow throughout the system.