REV1 Prototype Complete
RF Relay Connection
Optional Keyfob
REV2 Prototype soon!




I was born and grew up in Boise, ID where I went to high school at Bishop Kelly High. I am now senior at the University of Idaho majoring in electrical engineering and am getting a minor in business. Growing up in the great state of Idaho has taught me to love the outdoors. I enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, fly fishing, skiing, and just about anything else you can do outdoors. Upon graduation in December 2008 I will most likely attend graduate school with an emphasis that is still to be decided. I had an internship at Micron Technology last summer and this summer I will be working for Boeing. I am very excited about working on this project. I will learn a lot about the design process and how to work on a project from start to finish with all the steps along the way.



I really suck at talking about my self, but here it goes :) I spent my childhood between Cairo, Egypt and Doha, Qatar. I graduated from an international british system school in Doha. I believe that this has exposed me to a wide variety of cultures from around Asia, Europe and Africa. I spent my first 3 years of college in the Arab Academy for science and technology, where I was working towards a BSc. in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I transfered to Idaho in fall 2007. it has definitly been a fun experience so far. My intrests are mostlly tech-centric, in things like design and usability. I get easily frustrated with a badly designed piece of hardware, so I aspire to perfect whatever i work on. I was always facinated by what can be done with electronic devices, and how cheep they can be made in relevance to older mechanical devices. Beside my tech intrests, I love photography. I always like the way a photo can tell two or three different stories only by changing it's place within a sequence of other photos. I'm planing to graduate in fall 2008. After that I'll probably look for an internship before going back home to find a full time job. I hope to one day work in a job that is design centric.



Rob. That's usually what I am called. I attend the University of Idaho and am close to finishing the undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering. When Fall of 2008 arrives I will finish my undergraduate degree. There is a strong possibility that I will continue my education through the U of I, emphasizing in wave propagation and antenna systems. On my free time I am usually in the gym climbing or climbing outdoors. During the summer of 2008 I will be filling an internship position through Idaho Power. I am anxious to work on this project and expect to receive much benefit from this experience.







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