Welcome to the Team V-BOT Homepage

Our Purpose

Team V-BOT provides an annual robotics competition sponsored by the University of Idaho for high school students. In addition to the competition Team V-BOT is also actively involved in building a University of Idaho exclusive robotics platform that can be used for future high school robotics competitions as well as college level robotics learning.

High School Competition

Welcome all high school seniors and instructors! We are pleased to announce four rounds for this year's robotics competition. Sumo, Campus Map, Balloon Pop and Freeze Tag are all part of the line up. The most up to date competition rules can be found here. If you have any questions or require programming help, please see our Google Groups Page.  Further information can be found on the Competition Page.

Robotics Challenge

V-BOT Robotics Platform

Team V-BOT is currently working on a robotics platform that will eventually replace the current Boe-Bot and will provide robotics learning from high school to college levels. Check out the Robotics Platform and project management link for more information.