Cooling System

Cooling Circuit


Side Mounted Radiator
Intake shroud
Thermostatically Controlled electric fan
Manufactured thermostat housing with temperature probe
U of I Nalgene overflow bottle 
Plumbing consists of Rubber and aluminum lines



Rule Analysis

Rule #


A firewall must separate the driver compartment from all components of the fuel supply, the engine oil and the liquid cooling systems. It must protect the neck of the tallest driver. It must extend sufficiently far upwards and/or rearwards such that any point less than 100 mm (4 ins.) above the bottom of the helmet of the tallest driver shall not be in direct line of sight with any part of the fuel system, the cooling system or the engine oil system.


We will be using a firewall on our car fitting these specifications.

Water-cooled engines must only use plain water, or water with cooling system rust and
corrosion inhibitor at no more than 0.015 liters per liter of plain water. Glycol-based
antifreeze or water pump lubricants of any kind are strictly prohibited.

We will be using plain water in our cooling system.
8.11.2 Separate catch cans must be employed to retain fluids from any vents for the coolant system or the crankcase or engine lubrication system. Each catch-can must have a minimum volume of ten (10) percent of the fluid being contained or 0.9 liter (one U.S. quart) whichever is greater. We will be using a U of I Nalgene bottle as a catch can.  


Cooling System


Radiator type

Single Pass

Radiator Manufacturer

C & R Racing



Overflow bottle capacity

1L (~32oz)


1 inch


Detailed Design