Chain Drive
4:1 Drive Reduction
Custom 7075-T6 Aluminum Rear Sprocket
Zexel Torque Sensing Limited Slip Differential
Custom 6061-T6 Aluminum Differential Housing
Custom 6061-T6 Aluminum Mount
Lightweight Design (12.17 lbs)
Slot style chain tensioner
4340 HT drive axles with in-line spring tensioners


Rule Analysis

Rule #

Any transmission and drivetrain may be used.

520 Chain and Sprocket


Exposed high-speed equipment, such as torque converters, clutches, belt drives and clutch drives, must be fitted with scatter shields in case of failure.

Scatter shield covers from top of front sprocket to bottom of rear sprocket.


Scatter shields for chains or belts must not be made of perforated material.

Scatter shield is not perforated.


Chain drive - Scatter shields for chains must be made of at least 2.66 mm (0.105 inch) steel (no alternatives are allowed), and have a minimum width equal to three (3) times the width of the chain.

Steel scatter shield is at least 0.105” thick and three times the width of the 520 chain. (Measured by pin length not plate width)


Attachment Fasteners - All fasteners attaching scatter shields and guards   must be a minimum 6mm grade M8.8 (1/4 inch SAE grade 5).

Fasteners are ¼ inch Grade 8 and 3/8 inch Grade 8.


Attached shields and guards must be mounted so that they remain laterally  aligned with the or belt under all conditions.

Scatter shield remains laterally aligned under all conditions.


Drivetrain Parameters
Drive Type

Chain Drive

Differential Type
Zexel Torque Sensing Limited Slip
Final Drive Ratio
Vehicle Speed @ max power (design) rpm
- 1st gear
29.1 mph
- 2nd gear
40.5 mph
- 3rd gear
50.7 mph
- 4th gear
59.4 mph
- 5th gear
67.1 mph
- 6th gear
74.6 mph
Half shaft size and material
0.73" OD 4340 Steel hardened to HRC 35
Joint type
Tripod CV Joint