Rack and Pinion
Universal Joint
Double Roller Bearings 1” OD
Custom 6061-T6 Aluminum Rack Housing
Quick Release Steering Wheel


Rule Analysis

Rule #

The top-most surface of the Front Hoop must be no lower than the top of the steering wheel in any angular position.

The top of the steering wheel cannot be above the front hoop in any position.
The Front Hoop must be no more than 250 mms (9.8 inches) forward of the steering wheel. This distance shall be measured horizontally, on the vehicle centerline, from the rear surface of the Front Hoop to the forward most surface of the steering wheel rim with the steering in the straight-ahead position. The steering wheel has to be within 9.8 inches horizontally from the front hoop.
During this test, the steering wheel, steering column, seat and all padding may be removed. During the cockpit template testing the steering wheel, steering column, seat, and padding may be removed during this test.

The only things that may encroach on this area are the steering wheel, steering column and any padding that is required by Rule 5.7 “Driver’s Leg Protection”.

During the cockpit internal cross section template testing the steering wheel and steering column may be within the template.

Steering system must affect at least two (2) wheels. At least two wheels must turn with steering system
The steering system must have positive steering stops that prevent the steering linkages from locking up (the inversion of a four-bar linkage at one of the pivots). The stops may be placed on the uprights or on the rack and must prevent the tires from contacting suspension, body, or frame members during the track events. A steering stop on the uprights or rack must be in place to prevent the tires from rotating too far and hitting any part of the car.
Allowable steering system free play is limited to 7 degrees total measured at the steering wheel.

The wobble in the steering column cannot be more than 7 degrees in any direction.  This is measured at the steering wheel.

Rear wheel steering is permitted only if mechanical stops limit the turn angle of the rear wheels to ± 3 degrees from the straight ahead position. If rear steering is to occur its movement is limited to only 3 degrees left or right from the normal position of the tire.
The steering wheel must be mechanically connected to the front wheels, i.e. “steer-by-wire” of the front wheels is prohibited. There must be a mechanical steering system in the car.  Remote control or steer by wire is not permitted.
The steering wheel must be attached to the column with a quick disconnect. The driver must be able to operate the quick disconnect while in the normal driving position with gloves on. The steering wheel must be removable with a quick release that can be operated by a driver in driving position and with gloves on.

The steering wheel must have a continuous perimeter that is near circular or near
oval, i.e. the outer perimeter profile can have some straight sections, but no concave

sections. “H”, “Figure 8”, or cutout wheels are not allowed.
The steering wheel must be almost round with no figure 8 or H wheel patterns permitted.


Steering Specifications  

Steer location, Gear ratio, Steer Arm Length

Front steer, 4.25"/revolution, 3.19 inch steer arm


Detailed Design