2008-2009 Vandal Racing Seniors and Leadership

Randall Storms

Responsibilities: Team Captain
Hometown: Pocatello, ID
Graduate Degree: MSME May 2009; Undergraduate Degree: BSME May 2007
Plans after graduation: Moving to Boise to potential job
Interests and Activities: I love working in the machine shop, which is awesome because that's part of my job as a graduate student. I love  backpacking, camping, hunting, fishing. I also enjoy white water rafting every now and then. Delta Chi. When I get a job I would love to fabricate my own dune buggy or offroad vehicle just for fun.
Dream Job: Owning a specialized machine shop focused on prototype fabrication, either in the archery industry, automotive, or recreational product sector. I would love to be in the Boise area near my family.

Tyler Doil

Responsibilities: Drivetrain


From: Anchorage, AK

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, snowboarding, snowmachining, friends, family, food, travel, adrenaline

Dream Job: Guide for hunting and fishing around the nation. Travel the world with friends in the offseason. More realistic: working for BRP or another recreation product company.

Stefan Hovik

Responsibilities: Frame


From: Ketchikan, AK

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Plans after graduation:  I plan on staying at the University of Idaho as a graduate student starting in the Fall of 2009.  After getting my master's degree I would like to work for the aerospace industry somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Hobbies: Music, running, soccer

Zack Hundrup

Responsibilities: Brake System

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduate: December 2009
Plans After Graduation: After graduation I plan to move back home to Anchorage, Alaska and pursue a mechanical engineering career.

Interests: I live in the Sigma Chi fraternity and love being a part of it. I like to snowboard, fish, play baseball, lift weights, and do anything that involves physical activity.

Kyle McCarley

Responsibilities: Suspension, Solid Modeling


From: Thousand Oaks, CA

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Plans after graduation: I will graduate and earn a Commission in The United States Marine Corps in May of 2009. After graduation, I will attend the Basic School in Quantico, VA. I hope to be selected as an infantry or combat engineering officer.

Interests and Activities: I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and can be found snowboarding in the winter and backpacking in the spring. I enjoy watching and playing baseball, football, volleyball, and golf. I am involved in the Naval ROTC program at the University of Idaho as a Marine option Midshipman.

Heidi Ness

Responsibilities: Steering, Finance


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Spanish

Plans after graduation: I plan on starting a career in mechanical engineering and using my Spanish minor to travel the world.

Interests and Activities: ASME, University of Idaho Horse Polo, Pi Beta Phi, water sports, traveling, outdoor recreation

Erik Parsley

Responsibilities: Cooling System Design

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduates: May, 2009
Plans after graduation: Start a career in Mechanical Engineering Profession in the Pacific Northwest and create what has not been created.
Interests: Welding and Fabrication, Music, Fishing, Hunting, Snowboarding, Anything and everything automotive.

Sean Quallen

Responsibilities: Electrical; Webpage


From: St. Louis, MO

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Graduates: May, 2009

Plans after graduation: My family and I are looking to stay in the northwestern US. I want to work for a smaller, more intimate company rather than a large corporation.

Interests: Control systems; Robotic manipulation; Baseball


Jacob Schroeder

Responsibilities: Suspension


Hometown: Aberdeen, ID

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Graduates: May 2009

Plans after graduation: I plan on staying in the Northwest and either begin an engineering career or continue my education and earn my master's degree.

Interests: Thermal energy systems, Music (both playing and listening), Outdoor recreation

Kirk Zielke

Responsibilities: Team Leader, Engine


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Graduates: May, 2009

Plans after graduation: To position myself to be able to influence as many people as possible to better themselves, buy a house, and enjoy life as much as possible.

Interests: Camping, fishing, trail riding, BBQing with friends and family, and just about anything outdoors.


2008-2009 Vandal Racing Underclassmen

Zack Wuthrich


Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Graduates: May 2012

Interests: Motocross, snowboarding, working on cars, and just about anything that involves fabrication

Chris Eacker

Hometown: Meridian, Idaho
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2012
Interests: Classic Automobile Restoration and Performance, Hunting, Fishing, Water Skiing, Drag Racing, Wrestling.

Chad Barnes

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Date: Dec 2010
Plans after Graduation: Right now I am interested in working in research and developement or quality control in the automotive industry. Things are still up in the air. I am also interested in a masters degree.
Interests: My stronger intersts lie outdoors. Ex: 4-wheel drives, paintball, hunting, fishing, ect.. I also have interests in metal fabrication and machining. Really just biulding things. To some degree, I do have interests in wide variety of other disciplines.