Boiling Water Test Loop

The Advanced Test Reactor at INL is designed to perform nuclear experiments in a high neutron flux environment. However, this reactor does not provide a boiling-water reactor conditions. For this reason, an auxiliary loop that will provide BWR conditions inside the ATR, is desired.
This prototype BWTL will be a test bench to prove the following concepts that might be used in an eventual final test loop:

   Entire Loop is at the Vapor Pressure of Boiling Water
   Steady State Operation and Control System
   Heat Transfer on Nuclear Fuel Rod

Team CFD

Team CFD is sponosored by Dr. Akira Tokuhiro in cooperation with the Idaho National Laboratory and is mentored by Adam Oster. The design team consists of four seniors at the University of Idaho: Andrew Dahlke (Mechanical Engineering), Adam Leschber (Mechanical Engineering), Dakota Nickerson (Mechanical Engineering), and Kyle Pflueger (Mechanical Engineering).  In cooperation with Dr. Tokuhiro and the Idaho National Laboratory we will set out to design and create a  test bench to further research in the area of nuclear engineering.

Idaho National Laboratory?

The Idaho National Laboratory, or INL, was established in 1949 as the National Reactor Testing Station, and for many years was the site of the largest concentration of nuclear reactors in the world. Fifty-two nuclear reactors were built, including the U.S. Navy's first prototype nuclear propulsion plant. During the 1970s, the laboratory's mission broadened into other areas, such as biotechnology, energy and materials research, and conservation and renewable energy (
Learn more about the INL at their website.

Important dates:

Detailed Design Package   Jan. 29
Parts Ordered                   Feb. 5
Loop Built                         Apr. 9
Finish Testing                  May 7
 University of IdahoIdaho National Laboratory