Team Harley ECU 2010


Welcome to Team Harley ECU's home page. We are a group of computer engineering seniors who have dedicated our capstone design project to the design and building of a customizable engine controller for Harley Davidson motorcycles. We endeavor to produce an engine controller that is as seamless and plug-and-play as possible. Our project is motivated by the ever-growing population of Harley Davidson owners wanting to modify their bikes. Performing these modifications on newer electronic fuel-injected motorcycles presents risk to their fuel economy as well as engine life. Providing a configurable engine control unit allows Harley owners to adjust engine parameters while still allowing proper, continued operation of the engine.

Our Sponsor

Mike Meehan of
Biketronics, Inc.
630 N. Almon St. Suite 140
Moscow, Id 83843

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Fax: (208) 882-5938
Toll Free: (800) 735-2419