Formerly known as Team: G.C.I.

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Detailed Design

Current Detailed Design Drawings...

Below are the final design drawings. All drawings can be linked to. All drawings are in Autocad format unless otherwise stated.

Layout Drawing:

Note: Layers of the layout drawing can be accessed in the AutoCad link (below). Layers include; dimensions, fittings, control stations, valves, and water distribution.


Pumphouse Drawings:

Pumphouse Design

Pumphouse Pipe Diagram (section view)

Pumphouse Pipe Diagram (top view)

Construction Detail Drawings:

Pond Detail

Tee to Swing Joint Connection Detail

Trench Cross Section Detail

Trench Depth Detail

Thrust Block Size and Calculations
Thrust Block Size and Calculations   (AutoCad)

Putting Green Irrigation Detail

Sprinkler Spacing Detail

Plug Connection Detail

Fluid Calculations...

The Fluid Calculations were done by Mike using Engineering Equations Solver (EES).

Sprinkler Testing Results...

Due to the inability to find a viable means of testing the sprinklers, no testing was performed.
Due to the nature of the design, no testing of the final design was or can be done except for the fluid calculations (see above).


The D.F.M.E.A is an acronym for Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis. It is a tool used by the PipeDreams team to identify and quantify design risk. We then can use this tool to improve design by reducing risk.
The D.F.M.E.A. will be updated throughout the semester as more detailed design/project learning is done. Links to the D.F.M.E.A. spreadsheet is found below, with the version being named from the day the spreadsheet was last revised.

D.F.M.E.A. (Initial Version)
D.F.M.E.A. (Final Version)  (Excel)

Irrigation Scheduling

Parts List/ Cost Breakdown/ Specifications...

Below are the bill of materials (parts list) along with the final cost breakdown final design specifications. These files can be accessed in the document archive.

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