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Project Mangement

Pipe Dreams Schedule

*Subject To Change*

Revised 2nd Semester Schedule

Pipe Dreams Major Milestones
*Subject To Change*
Milestone AchievedDate Achieved
Pipe Dreams team formation
Team contract
First snapshot day
Initial Design Specifications
Grangeville Golf Course site visit
Client design review
Conceptual design snapshot day
Completion of 1st semester interim design report
Website Updated through 1st semester
Validation of conceptual design from client (or iteration of conceptual design)
Snapshot day: hardware review
Completion of poster
Engineering Expo
Completion of 2nd semester design report
Completion of website

Pipe Dreams Work Breakdown
*Subject To Change*
What We Have DoneWhat We Are Working OnWhat We Need To Complete (For Project Completion)
1st Semester
  • Identified an opportunity
  • Understood  the opportunity
  • Grangeville Golf Course site visit
  • Lots of Project Learning
  • Establish documentation system (website)
  • Detailed refined design specifications
  • Participated in 1st semester snapshot days
  • Client Conceptual Design Review 
  • Completion of interim Design Report
2nd Semester
  • Fluid Calculations
  • Pumphouse Design
  • Construction Detail Drawings
  • Obtained swing joint and sprinkler head from Torro
  • Created initial D.F.M.E.A.
  • Registered for Expo
  • Irrigation Scheduling
  • Compiled Bill of Materials
  • Revised Design Layout multiple times
  • Particpated in Expo
  • Finalized D.F.M.E.A.
  • Put together Design Report
  • Finished Website
  • Got Validation from client
  • Nothing: We are done!

  • Nothing: We are done!

1st Semester Project Learning (Understanding Opportunity Topics)

*Below are five project learning topics each member has found to be essential towards the progress of the project or progress towards becoming a professional engineer*
Team MemberProject Learning TopicProject Learning Lesson
Scott McCombie
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Current well to pond & pumping system
  • Sprinkler placement
  • Pipe and sprinkler costs
  • Copper wire
  • The integral role of evapotranspiration in irrigated systems is for the determination of water needed
  • Learned how getting water to system worked
  • Triangular method best for coverage
  • Depending on the situation, multiple types of sprinklers may optimize design
  • Needed for sprinkler head control
Mike Johnson
  • Pond pumps
  • Control system
  • Pipe Materials
  • Valve design
  • Total cost analysis
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Sprinkler selection
  • Selection and design of the pump system
  • Total cost and interface between the user to the sprinkler heads
  • Researched the different viable materials to use for both the mainline and sprinkler lines
  • Creation of the different valve designs and cost analysis
  • Priced out each different hole for both the sprinklers and pipelines
  • Ran analysis of the total pressure drop across the pipes to determine the friction losses: then able to size the pump and radius of distribution for different sprinkler types
  • Researched and contacted the Toro representative in Spokane to determine the best sprinkler heads to use for the design
Joshua Schroeder
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Well pumps
  • Copper wire
  • Pond excavation and pond lining
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Contributed to peak irrigation requirement
  • Identified appropriate pumps for design requirements
  • Contributed to recommended design costs for design review (control system)
  • Calculated total cost for recommended pond design
  • Researched fluid mechanics which contributed to pipe selection
Bronze Richards
  • Soils classification of course
  • Costs (excavation, pipes, labor)
  • Constant pressure systems
  • Valving systems
  • Golf course irrigation design
  • Contribute to evapotranspiration / water needed calculations
  • Contribute to cost of reccomended design for design review
  • Lead to understanding of current systems during site visit
  • Contributed to valve placement in recommended design
  • Built framework for entire project (was first project learning topic)
Ibrahim Ibrahim
  • Water quality
  • Composed designs 1 and 2
  • Soil-water-plant relationships
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Golf course area calculations
  • Tested water quality to determine if it needed treatment prior to entering irrigation system
  • Contributed to recommended design/mainline design
  • Contributed to water holding capacity for evapotranspiration calculations
  • Knowledge will help compose irrigation schedule (2nd semester)
  • Contributed to overall water needed for golf course

The following link contains the very first topics we have set out to be researched for Project Learning during the begining stages of understanding the oppurtunity with team members assigned to different subjects. It is important to understand that Project Learning is a constant process for all Pipe Dreams members: Project Learning

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