About Us

Tim Hildebrandt


From Seattle, Washington, Timothy Hildebrandt is a senior in Electrical Engineering expecting to graduate in Fall, 2010. His most recent engineering experience was spent developing the Test Description Language at NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs. When free of academic responsibilities, he engages himself in snowboarding, swimming, climbing, hanging out with friends and practicing several musical instruments.


Bryan Hyde


My name is Bryan Hyde and I’m from Spokane Washington.  When I lived in Spokane I played a lot of soccer and spent many evenings fishing the river near my house.  In the summers I would try to spend every weekend wakeboarding and slalom skiing at the area lake.  Throughout the summers, as well as the school years, I work for Avista Utilities as an intern.  In taking on this project I hope to gain some valuable experience in the Electrical Engineering industry.  I also hope to achieve a background in how power electronics are used in power systems today.


Kord Hubbard


My name is Kord Hubbard and this is my 8th semester as an electrical engineer. I am originally from Nampa, Idaho and some things I like to do for fun is hang out with friends, be outside doing something active and I really like to listen to music. Furthermore, working on this project with the lunartics team I am really striving to get some real life experience through the grad students and professors working with us. Finally I am hoping this project helps with my communication and may eventually assist me in finding an enjoyable job in the future.


Josh Ulrich


My name is Josh Ulrich and I am a senior in Computer Engineering at the University of Idaho. I am from Lewiston, Idaho and I enjoy playing sports, skateboarding, attending concerts, and going on road trips. I am very passionate about computers and plan to obtain a masters degree in computer engineering. Being part of this project will allow me to get real world experience in my field as well as give me the opportunity to develop technology that has the possibility to go to the moon.