Idaho State Board of Education

The Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) is the policy-making body for all public education in Idaho and provides general oversight and governance for public K-20 education. SBOE serves as the Board of Trustees for state-sponsored public four year colleges and universities and the Board of Regents for the University of Idaho......

Some specifics:

1. Board staff has access to a word document of all policies that go to the Board for approval. This document tracks the approval of the first reading, the approval of the second reading and when the policy was updated on the OSABE website. This document dates back to 2001. Approval for policies prior to this date may be found in the pdf version of the Board minutes.

2. Audio records of Board minutes are kept on file in the Board office and are posted on the web with the text files. Board minutes are currently converted from a word document into a pdf and depending on the year some may have been scanned.

3. The board minutes posted on the web go back to 1999. Board minutes saved on our local network drive date to 1991 and the word document for policy tracking goes back to 2001.

4. On our local network drive there is a folder of all official meeting minutes. These are organized by year and date to 1991, but the format varies. ( wpd, word, pdf)

5. The new you would most likely be accessible be Office staff and remotely. Not open to the public

6. It would probably run on Windows.