Idaho FSAE 2005-2006


The 2006 car was a continuation of the 2005 car. The car was equipped with a custom built differential gear drive; rarely seen in FSAE. The gear drive allowed for better rear weight distribution of approximately 55% in the rear.

Additional features included:

  1. Innovative Trihubdal Drivetrain
  2. Lightweight CNC Wheel Centers
  3. Clutch Actuating Shifter
  4. Custom Programmed Telemetry Software
  5. Motec ECU Control
  6. Acoustic Tuning of Intake and Exhuast Manifold
  7. Evolutionary Optimization of Frame

At the Detroit competition we placed 58th (out of 125 teams) due to a very unfortunate problem that occured on the track; preventing us from competing in the acceleration event and preventing us from being competitive in all of the other dynamic events. Nonetheless, we nearly made it design semi-finals (top 20 designs); as we tied some of the teams in the semi-finalists with our design score.