Idaho FSAE 2007-2008


The 2008 car is a continuation of the 2007 car. We will build upon last years designs and finalize the car's packaging. 

Key areas include:

  1. Reliable starting
  2. New carbon fiber intake design for broader torque curve
  3. New titanium exhaust header for broader torque curve
  4. Reinforce pedal rail
  5. Improve overall packaging 
  6. Quiet Muffler
  7. Throttle Body
  8. Frame
  9. Pedal Rail
  10. Steering Column
  11. Uprights
  12. Braking System
  13. Planetary Gear Drive
  14. Carbon Fiber Intake/Body
  15. Exhaust Header

The #29 car went and competed at the FSAE West competition in California. The team did not make it through the technical inspection until the second day due to not getting into line early. The second day went by with no issues the car passed all of its inspections including just scraping by on sound at 109.6 dB.  The team goal for this competition was to simply finish every event with solid showings in all of the static events within the top 20. During the dynamic events the team was plagued with all kinds of mechanical failures including a broken gas pedal and shifter in two different acceleration runs. None the less we got the car fixed back up each time and produced a great showing getting 9th in the endurance event to catapult the Idaho FSAE team to its best showing to date a 14th overall finish.