Idaho FSAE 2008-2009


After an outstanding showing the year before the college of engineering allowed the FSAE team to continue one year longer before the move to a Hybrid FSAE car would occur. The 2008-2009 team set out to improve on the design on the #29 by building a more rigid frame that would accommodate the new rules and drive system and to improve all of the subsystems that were deemed inadequate by the design judges.

The #42 car was built in record time for a “one year car” allowing for extensive testing and seat time for the drivers. During competition in June the Idaho FSAE team placed 14th in design, 15th in the marketing presentation, 12th in the cost event, 24th in acceleration 27th in the skid pad, 21st in autocross (due to an overheating issue) and 8th in endurance/fuel economy. This placed the #42 car 13th overall one place better than what was achieved the year before.